Boston Marathon Lottery Policy


Marathon Lottery Application – 2016 (Word Doc)

All Club members who wish to participate in the Marathon lottery (drawing to be held at the Annual Meeting) must meet the following rules and eligibility requirements:

1) The club’s membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st. Members who have joined prior to January 1st of the current year are eligible for the lottery; members who join after January 1st will be eligible for future years’ drawings.

2) Club dues must be current.

3) Members who have won in the previous two years are not eligible unless there are more numbers available than qualified applicants. In this case, a drawing will be held for any “extra” numbers. Example: The club is allotted six entries. Seven members enter the lottery. There are four qualified member entries who did not win in the previous two years and three entries from members who won in the previous two years. The four members automatically receive a waived entry and the remaining two entries are drawn among the other three members.

All remaining names will be drawn and assigned as alternates. The first name drawn will be assigned as first alternate, the second name as second alternate, and so on. If one of the initial winners cannot use the waived entry, the first alternate has the right to receive the entry. Please note that the BAA’s rules regarding transferring of numbers applies.

4) Must have completed a half marathon (or longer) race.

5) Must be willing and able to train appropriately.

6) Must be willing to pay the Boston Marathon Invitational Entry fee .

7) Members who are qualified for the Boston Marathon or have secured a number through other means are not eligible.

8) Must have attended at least 10 HRC Club Runs during membership year. Examples include Saturday club runs, hosted runs, or any other runs coordinated through FACEBOOK site.

9) Must have volunteered in two HRC events during membership year.  Volunteers should validate their event participation with the event coordinator.

10) One of the events that a person MUST volunteer at is the Run Around Hopkinton Relay, Couch to 5K, 21 Mile Training Run, or put on a hosted run.

11) A person can receive additional entries into the lottery, up to a maximum of 8 total entries by volunteering at additional events.  Eligible events are:

  • Hosting a Club run
  • Volunteering at a Club event (such as the Timlin Race, the 21 Mile Training Run, Max Performance Triathlon event, long run coordinator, Couch to 5K, Ashland State Park Trail race and other events that are endorsed by the HRC Board)
  • Serving on the HRC board

12) One invitational number will be reserved to be distributed at the HRC board’s discretion based on overall contributions to the club.

Note: All entries will be drawn at the annual meeting (or some other pre-determined date/location). The first X-1 names drawn will receive an Invitational Entry to the Boston Marathon – where X is determined to be the number of numbers allocated to the club from the BAA. The remaining names drawn will be designated as alternates in the order in which they were drawn.

Winners who are unable to compete:

In the event that a recipient is unable to train/compete in the marathon after being awarded a waived entry, that person must return the entry form to the club as long as they have not already submitted the form to the BAA. If the form has already been submitted then standard BAA rules apply and the HRC has no influence.